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Equip artists to promote educational platforms and be soldiers to bring peace to the people.


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Music Festival

Music Festival

Planning of annual festivals with the presence of artists of the association.
Perhaps the first festivals are in Scandinavia.

Music Band

Music Band

An energetic and creative group with all nationalities. These groups accompany the artists on stage with the best quality and play an important role in creating the style of new artists in music production.

Music Pro

Music & Video Production

New artists will be created and we will teach them so that they can walk in the direction of educating people.

Music App

Music App

Platform should be created so that artists can spread their works easily. The many features of this app make everything easy for the listener and there is no cost for the audience.

Tv & Radio

TV & Radio

Media should be created so that they can feel the education with a combination of art and follow these media in their daily life.